GeekGround DC teases another crisis

10/16/19 9:15 AM
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Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about 5G, break down the DC Comics Generations timeline and work out what 5G was, giving a few details along the way. Comics Beat followed up, talking about a new Crisis for DC Comics in 2020. But may they have had a little help with a preview of today’s Tales Of The Dark Multiverse: Knightfall?
Just as Bleeding Cool promised, DC Comics seems to be setting up the Dan DiDio and Kenneth Rocafort-created character Tempus Fuginaut, originally seen as a bit of a Galactus figure, as DC’s equivalent of Marvel’s Watcher instead.
And in Tales Of The Dark Multiverse: Knightfall, published today, has Tempus Fuginaut foreseeing a new Crisis event.
Ever since the sixties, DC Comics has run Crisis storyline that saw parallel universe versions of different characters and teams find common cause to team up, culminating in Crisis On Infinite Earths in the eighties, which would later spin out Zero Hour, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Flashpoint, New 52 and Rebirth,
Not so final after all it seems. And it will involve Tempus Fuginaut recruiting individuals from the Dark Dimensions to fight for… whatever it is he wants them to fight for.
10/16/19 9:16 AM
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paw comments: There are images at the link in the first post, if you want to see. As for me, wake me up when(if) DC gets their act together.

10/16/19 9:56 AM
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DC has two real crisis, and they are the same ones they have had ongoing for years. Talent crisis and editorial crisis.
10/17/19 4:22 AM
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Thank god. Time is measured in the comic industry by time periods between DC Crisis events.

Things will never be the same again ... again!

10/21/19 10:37 AM
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"Tempus Fuginaut, originally seen as a bit of a Galactus figure, as DC’s equivalent of Marvel’s Watcher instead."

Ummm. Isn't the Monitor Dc equivalent to the Watcher? Why make another one?

Thank God I don't buy comics from the big 2 anymore. Imagine wasting hundreds [if not thousands because you know there will be variant covers and tie ins galore]on another continuity destroying event [even though we don't know what's currently in continuity]that will only last until a year when they have another crisis. For a guy who claims to hate the 90s era of comics Didiot sure clings to the gimmickry of the 90s era.