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10/4/19 2:25 PM
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The DC Nation Panel at New York Comic-Con saw the A-List creators of DC Comics chatting on stage with DC publisher Dan DiDio. All very jovial and entertaining, like hanging with old friends. Jim Lee, Lee Bermejo, Nora Jemisin, Tony Daniel, Tom King and more to chat about the line,
But this also gave us the new DC Continuity Timeline that Dan DiDio has been promising since San Diego Comic Con – that includes Doomsday Clock, JSA and Legion… and everything. And they promise that this is happening. In full. And they are sticking to it.
We have been asking many questions about this, its implications and how it will all play out. But here it is.
[paw comments: you'll have to visit the link to see the chart...and squint]
10/6/19 6:09 AM
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Who cares. It will be chucked out the window before Christmas.
10/6/19 2:45 PM
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Just give up on the continuity thing and just create interesting, independent stories
10/6/19 7:58 PM
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Mr Karate - Who cares. It will be chucked out the window before Christmas.

This. They don't give a shit about continuity. It changes on the writers' whim because either the editors are lazy or incompetent when it comes to enforcing basic rules.
10/8/19 10:15 AM
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DC's take on continuity is almost like a South Park joke at this point.