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2/24/20 11:25 AM
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(What follows is an article from BleedingCool. I would supply the link, but this forum mucks that up)
The departure of Dan DiDio as DC Publisher over the weekend has left many wondering what this might mean for the planned 5G/Generation Five relaunch of the DC Universe. Which would have Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana and the rest aged out of their roles and replaced with new characters under old names, gathering a huge amount of attention – while tales of the characters would play out in premium prestige titles.
Truth is, I didn't know myself. Dan DiDio was so much behind that move, but it was signed off by the top bods at Warner/AT&T and even without its champion, momentum is strong. I am told that worried creators who have been working on the new 5G titles for some time, under editor Brian Cunningham, have been told it is full speed ahead on all their comics. The plan is to announce at San Diego Comic Con and launch in October, with half a year's worth of comics already completed.
However, the absence of DiDio may mean that if Generation Five comes to a natural end, it may be replaced sooner that later, lacking someone with an ideological dedication to The New in charge.
But, of course, while everyone is looking to Generation Five, they may be missing the real DC Big Change. Bleeding Cool will be attempting to talk about this more through the week, ahead of C2E2. Keep an eye on this tag as the week plays out…
2/25/20 8:32 AM
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Marvel with the snag?

2/26/20 10:33 AM
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So saved at the last minute from an idiotic decision that they would have to undo in a year?
2/26/20 10:37 AM
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BigWilliam - So saved at the last minute from an idiotic decision that they would have to undo in a year?

Maybe not. There are reports that DC is going to go ahead with 5G


" But Bleeding Cool learned that creators were told to keep going, as strong as before in anticipation of an October 2020 launch. And that AT&T and Warners were fully behind the initiative as a way to revitalise their TV, animation and film brands – while also maintaining the versions of the characters. "

2/26/20 2:21 PM
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The amazing thing is they do this same crap again and AGAIN and it NEVER WORKS. You always end up back with Kal-El/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diana/Wonder Woman. Make future/else world books, make new characters around them. But the fans are not interested in Calvin-Al, Brett Wynne or Diane Princely, or whoever the fuck they are.