GeekGround Dynamite joins Image in making comics returnable

3/18/20 10:42 AM
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Here is Barrucci's statement to retailers, shared with permission:
Dear Retail Partners,
We know you’re awaiting word from all of your publishing partners, but a quick word to let you know we are here, listening. We are discussing and working with Diamond on an informed response, and hope to have news shortly about easing your burden in the coming weeks. One option we would like to offer is that Dynamite would take returns (as Image has announced and other publishers may do as well) - but Diamond has a large amount of volume, and has many factors to consider, and we are understanding of that in case it’s not feasible overall. If Diamond has challenges doing so, we at Dynamite will take returns directly. Obviously, we have to coordinate any logistics with each retailer if we are doing so directly. The answers may not be coming quick enough, but they are coming. Diamond is a great company and works with retailers and publishers day in and day out, but this is an unprecedented situation, so please be patient with them, but I wanted to let you know that Dynamite is here for you.
3/18/20 12:08 PM
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I wonder if returned issues will be destroyed or if they will do something else with them.  Might make for some collectable issues due to scarcity.

3/19/20 12:13 PM
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It is an interesting question, they could end up quite collectable. Plague issues or something.