GeekGround Erza Miller (Flash) chokes young woman

4/6/20 9:45 AM
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Justice League star Ezra Miller is at the center of a media storm as a video has emerged online where he appears to throttle a female fan.

Best known for his roles in Warner Bros.' Fantastic Beasts movies and as Barry Allen, aka the Flash, in the DC films, the 27-year-old is one of Hollywood A-listers and was due to start pre-production on The Flash before coronavirus shut down the movie.

The fan-shot video quickly began to spread online, showing an altercation between Miller and an unknown woman. In the short clip, the woman heads toward Miller in a playful fashion and seemingly jokes about having a fight. Miller responds by saying, "Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?" and grabs her by the throat. Miller then pushes the woman to the floor with his hands around her throat as the cameraman can be heard saying, "Woah, bro. Bro."

4/6/20 9:46 AM
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You can see the video if you follow the link in the first post. It's pretty much as described and pretty unsettling. 

4/6/20 10:04 AM
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Well he and amber heard can have a team up movie maybe? Honestly it's hard to see how rough he was being, was it just an attempt to be funny gone wrong or was he genuinely trying to hurt her? Either way I was not a fan of his Flash and wouldn't care of they recast it. Blow up the DCEU and start over.
4/6/20 10:59 AM
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A little perusing indicates this is apparently not young Ezra's first issue? Lad has a temper problem? You ever notice it is the guys that always play goofballs that act like such loons off set? Ezra, Jonah Hill, Shia Lebouf. Almost like they are trying to make up for being a goof on screen by being super aggressive off screen.
4/6/20 4:27 PM
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But...But.... I thought Ezra was Feminist?

LOL. Once again the biggest virtue signallers always end up being the biggest hypocrites.
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Mr Karate - But...But.... I thought Ezra was Feminist?

LOL. Once again the biggest virtue signallers always end up being the biggest hypocrites.


Well....I can't embed the gif for some reason, but it would have been "he's not wrong".

4/6/20 10:24 PM
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Honestly I don't know anything about the guy beyond this and his bad acting.
4/7/20 1:56 PM
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The guy starred his mom down when she walked into the bathroom and caught him wanking. He finished, she left. Alpha.
4/7/20 4:58 PM
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Wait he finished BEFORE she left?