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9/16/19 2:14 PM
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9/16/19 2:14 PM
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Okay, the following contains some seriously strong spoilerage for the upcoming JJ Abrams/Henry Abrams/Sara Pichelli Spider-Man series debuting this week. I haven't seen a copy, but the people who are talking about this are the kind of people who would know. Not about plot, not about cliffhanger, this is about the very concept of the comic in question.
Firstly, I am told by good sources that this is not a PR job. JJ Abrams did actually co-write the comic with his son Henry Abrams. Properly and everything, This is not just Henry playing off his father's name. He and his father did properly collaborate on this comic book. Jude, you are wrong, you are very wrong.
Secondly, the idea of father and son on the comic is intrinsic to the concept of this Spider-Man series. It is part and parcel of it and may make the comic even more appealing?
Why? Because Spider-Man #1 is not about Peter Parker, Spider-Man.
It is about Ben Parker, Spider-Man. The son of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, the inheritor of the Spider-Man identity – and the story is set in the future of the Marvel Universe. Something that had not even been hinted at in preview material. And that means that there are probably blatant lies in the solicitations listed for the first three issues.
Oh and for speculator folk, the first appearance of Ben Parker, son of Pete and Mary Jane was his birth in the future-set MC2 title Spider-Girl #59 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.
9/16/19 3:03 PM
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Well at least they are not messing with Peter Parker, this gives them freedom in what they do with the title.

9/16/19 6:39 PM
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I'm glad they're continuing the characters from Spider-Girl. I might actually pick it up just because of that.


I'm not sure what to make of this revelation, though. There seem to be two possibilities:


1. Whoever revealed this really is a behind-the-scenes whistleblower who would actually be in a position to know the true extent of J.J. Abrams' involvement and Marvel management was not involved.


2. Marvel leaked this information as covert marketing, even though they went through the trouble of fake solicitations, because they think (rightly) that convincing fans J.J. Abrams is deeply involved in this project would spike sales.


I'm inclined to think this is staged.

1/12/20 10:26 AM
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