GeekGround Finished season 3 of The Dragon Prince

18 days ago
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The Good:

Pretty solid storylines, either the voice acting has improved, or I've gotten used to the accents.Feels like they are more willing to show more visually - ie people die in battle and the like. The animators really make General Amaya work as a fleshed out character (the character is deaf and communicates by sign language) which is pretty spectacular.

Ezran is pretty awesome.

Season 4 is set up pretty well, although I don't know if there's been an announcement about season 4. 


The Bad:

Can't really be specific for fear of spoilers, but it's really starting to feel that some of the antagonists are flirting with they "they can do anything" trope.

13 days ago
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Just finished it. Was solid. Loved the 'LEEEEEERRRRROOOOYYY ...... JEEEEENNNNKKKIIIINNNSSSS!!!!!!!!!!' moment to start off the last battle.