GeekGround Image cancels final two issues of The Beauty

11/1/19 9:23 AM
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Diamond Comic Distributors have informed retailers that Beauty #30 and #31, the final intended issues of the series, have been canceled by Image Comics. The two issues were originally solicited to come out on September 25 and December 18. Per Diamond's notificication, Image currently doesn't plan to re-solicit these issues.
The publisher has also pulled listings of the two issues from its website.
Neither the publisher or the creators have specified the reasons for this change.
11/1/19 9:24 AM
Posts: 47972

I've never read Beauty, and I have no desire to, but this is really odd. Canceling the final two issues after they have been solicited, is very strange. I have to believe there's some serious drama behind this, hence the post.