GeekGround Invisible Kingdom switches to OGN for finale

8/10/20 11:56 AM
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From newsarama

Just days after winning an Eisner Award for 'Best New Series,' the creator-owned series Invisible Kingdom has been announced to be switching from single issues to a graphic novel model.
Following the release of Invisible Kingdom #10 back in February, the series will continue in the form of an OGN - with the next (and final) volume due out in the first quarter of 2021.
An eleventh issue was originally solicited at the beginning of the year for a June 24, 2020 debut, but co-creator/artist Christian Ward revealed on Twitter that serialization of the series was being aborted due to COVID-19. The OGN will include what would've been issues #11 - #14, with the artist tweeting that he's already working on the penultimate chapter.
"The final arc of the acclaimed series begins... in the Point of No Return!" reads Dark Horse's now canceled solicitation for #11. "The strange new Nones have whisked the Sundog into a far more perilous edge of space—and they need Vess. Will she choose Grix... or the unthinkable?"
This is but the latest in what is a growing trend of creator-owned comic books opting to change their format to OGNs. The previous series that have announced similar changes include Astro City, Seeds, Crowded, Moonstruck, Motor Crush, and Spell on Wheels.  
Even DC has opted for this in some cases, such as the recent decision for the final arc of the ongoing series Lucifer to be released solely as a collected trade paperback.
"G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward deliver a breathtaking debut in Invisible Kingdom, an otherworldly trip into religion, consumerism, and the poor creatures caught in between their mammoth gears," reads a review of the first issue from Newsarama's David Pepose.
Invisible Kingdom Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are on-sale now.
8/10/20 11:57 AM
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I don't think anyone besides me is reading Invisible Kingdom, but this seems like a good example of how covid is changing the comic book landscape.


8/12/20 4:37 AM
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Bought v1 digital on comixology for a few dollars on special, about a month ago. Need to get around to reading that 

8/12/20 7:48 AM
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FingerorMoon - 

Bought v1 digital on comixology for a few dollars on special, about a month ago. Need to get around to reading that 

It's...ok. I really feel like it was over-sold, over-hyped because of G. Willow Wilson, and so I expected "amazing", but didn't get it. 

Of course, ymmv.