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8/24/20 12:49 PM
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Just finished reading my collection of the G.I. Joe comics by Larry Hama (Marvel into IDW).  I do have some holes in my collection (starts at issue 47).  While I do admit some of the story lines are a bit wonky and I hate the whole killing characters and bringing them back to life (clones, not really dead, psychic imprints, robots, etc) I do have to admit I enjoy reading them.  I was going to stop collecting but I think I'm going to put it back on my pull list.


The one thing I don't like about Marvel is the need to tie ins with other properties that spoil my immersion.  They did crossovers between Joe and Transformers.  Transformers had Circuit-breaker who crossed over with Spiderman.  While I know it's comic logic wouldn't that mean that they are all in the same universe?  If that's the case why have Shield? 


Not sure what's going to happen with the franchise as sales are low and it is run by IDW but I think if it tanks this is a franchise that could be rebooted and have stories tightened up and redone.  If it was to be redone, start it from scratch with the original Joes adding more as the series progressed. show how Cobra Commander came to power, make him and Cobra more sympathetic in that they are actually fighting for a cause, like fighting what they percieve is a corrupt government, give him some depth.  Keep Destro as an arms dealer.  Have Zartan and the Dreadnoks as the criminal orginization.  Not really a fan of the new Revenche cyborgs.  Set it during the cold war so that Oktober Guard could be included.

As the team expanded I would include throwaway characters that could be used to pad the kill lists.


Also really tighten the mission issues where you have the Joes stick to their specialties (if your going to have a mission in the arctic have your arctic based characters be front and center and leave out the rest).  Sometimes Hama did that other times he didn't.


Also make the vehicles more realistic.  In the beginning it was tanks, planes and regular shit.  Then we had weird shit like the Pogos, the flying skull things etc.  I know that was to market toys for kids but kids don't really collect anymore.


The final thing I would do (and surprised wasn't done) was sell a regular issue and an issue that would come with a figure.  I don't know if that would work but I would think collectors would love that.

I know that IDW and DDP had reboots done but haven't started rereading those yet.  I remember enjoying the DDP stuff and thinking the IDW stuff was dogshit.

8/26/20 8:44 AM
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I feel like Hama's running on fumes now. The whole kill off Snake-Eyes, mute and disfigure Shawn/Kamakura and have him secretly have him replace Snake-Eyes, then suddenly every Joe knows its him and refers to him as Shawn, and then there's a girl running around with Snake-Eyes' memories really cements it.

I liked the DDP run because it kept his appearances brief and made them feel special. Plus they weren't on circle of having his face restored, disfigure, restored again,etc. It stayed restored minus a scar across his nose from Storm Shadow. When Hama started that in the origanl run I knew he was running out of stories to tell.
8/26/20 9:01 AM
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Never read Hama on GI Joe, but back in the day Hama was the Wolverine writer - although I think his stuff is generally ignored these days. 


8/26/20 7:28 PM
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I think Mr Karate is right, but I still enjoyed reading them. I don't know where I read this but apparently Hama doesn't really pre plan anything he just starts writing and lets it go where it takes him.
8/30/20 11:21 PM
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paw - 

Never read Hama on GI Joe, but back in the day Hama was the Wolverine writer - although I think his stuff is generally ignored these days. 


Hama/Silvestri is still the best Wolverine team in the history of comics, imo.
11 days ago
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OG Hamma run was epic. The commercials with the toys then turning into the comic books were the best. He based most of that early stuff off of the real Delta Force and then the added Ninja stuff that helped blow Ninjas up in the 80s. 

I have a ton of the newer ones. It’s just not the same. At some point Chuckles killed Cobra Commander wich was dumb because he wasn’t a popular character. I always wanted to write a GI Joe comic about who Shooter was from the first comic. They did it and inserted a black woman as the character in order to be modern politically correct. It was goofy and not well written. Then they murdered Snake Eyes and made the new one’s a wrap...I’ll enjoy my memories and old good stories, modern comic books can’t help but fuck up their franchises.