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4/13/20 10:11 AM
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Super long article on what things are like for local comic book stores right now

Tilting at Windmills #279: The Plague Diaries – How comics retailing moves forward


4/13/20 2:07 PM
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Cliff Notes:

Comic Book store on "lockdown" = no sales

Yes, there's mail order/curbside delivery/etc....but Diamond has stopped shipping, so there really isn't mail order/curbside delivery/etc....

Even when things are reopened, there is going to be a lag - previous orders will have to be resolicited, product printed, and then shipped to Diamond and from Diamond to individual stores. That's months (probably). All the while stores have expenses and very little (read: no) income.

How many collectors are going to stop comics entirely because of this? The author speculates if even 5% of collectors don't come back, his store is toast.


In short, comics -- the industry -- will not be the same. It cannot be the same. So how do we make comics better?