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Snippets from an interview with Archie co-President Archie Segura


I think, if anything, this time has just taught us to hunker down and be much more mindful of not only the creative side of what we put out - which Archie has always been energetic and proactive about - but the best way to put out the project in terms of format and frequency. I think the era of hundreds-issues long monthly series is ending. You're seeing a lot of ongoing series in this industry that are, truly, mini-series. We're doing more one-shots and original graphic novels. We're expanding partnerships with publishing partners and seeking out new ways to get our characters out there, whether that's through OGNs, children's books, podcasts, etc. So while you may not see all of this new material reflected in the Previews magazine month-to-month, the work being done here at Archie and with our partners is something we're very excited about and can all be proud of.
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As I noted earlier, you get diminishing returns on long-running ongoing books. Which is why we pivoted and did a "series of mini-series" - with Archie and Sabrina, followed by Archie and Katy Keene, all under the umbrella of the ongoing Archie book, but still with clear, #1-like jumping-on points for readers.
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