GeekGround Marvel ?? Which weird villian poisoned Hulk?

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Way back in the late 80s, early 90s... Some weird ass looking thing with a zipper mouth and one eye... And Lego looking head was trying to poison Hulk when he and Abomination fought in some kind of factory.  Supposedly that character had 100ton strength also... But I can't find a reference to him anywhere now.  If it didn't happen in a marvel film, you can't find it 

1/14/20 2:32 PM
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Man I got nothing. Any more detail you can remember?

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The four part series called Countdown premiered in The Incredible Hulk#364. An unknown party has poisoned Bruce Banner, but before the poison can kill him he transforms into the gray Hulk. At this time, the Hulk's transformation was triggered by the sun setting, so the Hulk has to keep alive while also trying to find out who poisoned him. Because it's a specifically tailored poison, the angrier Hulk gets, the faster the poison spreads, putting him in quite the predicament.
Fortunately the gray Hulk, although significantly weaker, was quite wily and used his brains to outwit such opponents as The Abomination and The Thing. Eventually, he learns that the culprit was a new villain that went under the name Madman, and in his weakened state must fight him to get the cure.
paw comments:  You can see a small image of Madman
1/14/20 3:12 PM
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Damn Paw! That is impressive.