GeekGround Mile High Comics has massive sale right now

4/5/20 4:35 PM
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Mile High Comics Offers 65% Off With Virus Code
"The good news from Denver is that the six of us still working here at Mile High Comics are still pulling and shipping vast numbers of online orders for our clients. Including a slew of the 5 lb "Mystery Boxes" that proven to be so popular during this time of involuntary quarantines around the nation. Those orders have been a Godsend for our Mile High Comics staff. They have allowed us to at least keep a core of our people employed, despite the closure of our Jason St. Mega-Store. Our sincere thanks are extended to everyone who has placed an order with us during the past ten days. Thank you helping us to survive."
"Just in case you had not already heard, I put some extremely generous discounts into effect for everyone last week. Including a 65% off VIRUS codeword sale on all ten million+ of our back issue comics and magazines. Only new issues, a few variants, and our professionally-graded issues are excluded. All of our back issue graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and comics hardbacks are on sale for you right now, too. No codeword needed on books as those 50% off discounts are posted for you right on our website."