GeekGround Outer Worlds or Fallen Order?

12/21/19 7:47 PM
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I'm in the mood for a sci fi rpg. Should I get Outer Worlds or Jedi Fallen Order?

12/22/19 12:48 AM
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What sounds like more fun?

-Tomb Raider (but replace Lara Croft with a Jedi)

-Fallout, but in space. 

12/22/19 12:49 AM
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Both are good choices. 

12/22/19 3:44 PM
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12/23/19 9:39 AM
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I didn't play Fallen Order. So I will just speak to Outer Worlds. It's a very good game, but it feels about half as long as it should be. The worlds are small places and you will do everything on them, explore every corner and still be thinking there has to be more. Fallout games, good and bad, are huge with tons of things to do. Outer Worlds should have been at least twice if not three times as big as it is.

12/26/19 3:34 PM
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Got Falled Order.  Played it Christmas Day.  It sucks goat balls.  

Ive heard the "It's too short" comment about Outer Worlds, too.   

Gona dl Blood Bowl II from Steam when I get home.  Waiting for Cyberpunk 2020...

12/27/19 1:05 PM
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Played Blood Bowl until 1:00 AM.   Dragging ass at work but it was worth it.  I loved the old DOS version back in the 90s.   This one is awesome 

12/28/19 3:29 PM
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I have Star Wars and I had a lot of fun. That main Jedi chick (on the good side) is ugly as fuck though. I couldn't stand looking at her. So fucking ugly with her weird ears and bulging eyes. I'm annoyed by weird things. 

1/9/20 9:36 AM
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The Outer Worlds is amazing but definitely too short. But you can replay it more than once and make different decisions and choose different sides. I recommend that one.

1/11/20 9:56 PM
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still playing Blood Bowl II and loving it. I can't decide if I prefer cracking skulls with my Orks, or passing & running circles around my opponent with my Wood Elves. But it's a shitload of fun, either way.