GeekGround Spider-Woman to film with ...?

8/20/20 7:17 AM
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Olivia Wilde directing and co-writing?


8/20/20 9:51 AM
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Sony proves once again that they cannot make a decent comic book movie without Marvel running the show.
8/20/20 5:59 PM
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I didn’t know Olivia Wilde had directed anything.

8/20/20 11:09 PM
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Check her imdb, she hasn't.
8/21/20 7:54 AM
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At one point I would have loved a Spider-Woman movie, but now I don't since I know its going to be woke trash.
8/21/20 8:55 AM
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My concern isn't that Wilde is directing. My concern is that Wilde is co-writing. I have no idea if Wilde understands the character or the Marvel U. IMO, that's generally the problem with Sony films - they don't understand the character and don't seem to listen to Marvel as much as should.

Of course, ymmv.

8/21/20 9:30 AM
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Well both are a problem. Someone that doesn't write writing about something they don't know or care about. And a director with no experience.
8/24/20 7:14 AM
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I love Wilde. But I just realised, where my love stops.