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2/26/20 9:22 AM
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Ever since the Tales of Arcadia franchise was extended into a trilogy of television shows, little information has been divulged about the final installment, Wizards. That is, until now.
The filmmaker, who developed the previous installments Trollhunters and 3Below, recently posted an image to Twitter that showcases the first image from Wizards.
In the image del Toro posted, we see Merlin standing in front of a TV depicting a malevolent figure clad in armor. This foe was teased in Season 2 of 3Below, as Jim, Claire and Merlin were battling similar armored creatures in New Jersey. Connections to the alien inhabitants of Akiridon, Merlin and his wizards, and the race of trolls were also expanded on in 3Below.
Produced by  DreamWorks Animation, Wizards will conclude the Tales of Arcadia trilogy. The first chapter, Trollhunters ran for three seasons while part two, 3Below, ran for two. The series follows the inhabitants of Arcadia Oaks, a small town that also happens to be the home of various supernatural creatures.
Wizards is set to premiere later this summer on Netflix. All seasons of Trollhunters and 3Below are currently available on Netflix.
2/26/20 9:23 AM
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paw comments: Trollhunters was solid. I haven't seen 3Below and should.

3/10/20 9:04 PM
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It's a fun little series, Trollhunters and 3Below were both great for kids, and amusing enough to entertain adults too.