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Normally I'd do the copy/pasta thing, but it's too long and I'm no lawyer and can't pretend to understand it all. 

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First Bleeding Cool is a far left sjw site.

Lets look at the first line - Once upon a time, Antarctic Press announced that they were to publish Jawbreakers, the crowdfunded graphic novel written by Richard Meyer, accused repeatedly of hate speech and of encouraging hate speech.

-Richard Meyer has 3 kids that are mixed race. Yet the left keep trying to call him racist. Also no examples of his hate speach in the article but just empty character assassination.

Also in the same first paragraph -Mark Waid called the publisher to talk about that decision

-Really just talk?? Clearly there was more or there would be no lawsuit.


There is plenty of articles out there besides bleeding cool which is run by far left SJWs

While there is a lot of history to this here is a couple videos about the latest stuff. Again this lawsuit is getting big but thankfully Mark Waid looks to be screwed.


This is a short one


This one is an actual lawyer it starts at around 1 hour 13 minute

 Here is more from the same lawyer but I have not watched it so I do not know where it starts


It is time these far lefty nutjobs get push backed.

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Ah shit... new here...I see creating a thread was unnecessary but thought it was well done.