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1/9/20 10:42 AM
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The Flash director Andy Muschietti confirmed his DC Extended Universe film will explore Flashpoint, if not the one fans are expecting.
Speaking to ThatHashtagShow, Muschietti revealed the film will show a "different version of Flashpoint than you're expecting." However, he did not elaborate on what that meant.
Flashpoint was a 2011 comic book event series by writer Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert. It starred Barry Allen, who traveled back to the past to prevent his mother's murder. This altered the timeline and created a new alternate reality where Barry was no longer the Flash and changed many of the most recognizable heroes and villains across the DC Universe. The conclusion of the story opened the door for the New 52 publishing initiative.
In a previous interview, Muschietti denied that the film would have any horror elements, despite his work on Stephen King's It franchise and Mama. "An element of horror? I don't think so," he said at the time. "What captivated me about the Flash is the human drama in it. The human feelings and emotions that play in the drama [of it]. It's going to be fun, too. I can't promise that there will be any horror [elements in it], really, but it's a beautiful human story."
The Flash is expected to star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and Billy Crudup as Henry Allen. The film races into theaters July 1, 2022.
1/9/20 11:26 AM
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No, WB has decided the only way to make DC films is to change the stories and ignore the best aspects of the character. They basically reduced the Flash to comic relief in Justice League. This will also suck. WB lacks the person in authority that cares for and respects the source material the way Disney has Feige in charge of the MCU.

1/9/20 11:38 AM
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It's really sad. Flashpoint is the perfect way to reset the DCU films.


1/9/20 11:43 AM
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Reset? I know they need it really, but it would be a disaster. I would just try and right the ship by making good movies going forward I suppose. Which of course they are not going to do either of those, so let's hope the MCU remains solid.

1/13/20 11:08 AM
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I would just re-center the DCEU on Wonderwoman, Aquaman, then add a cosmic element with the Green Lantern. Focus on that for a bit.

1/13/20 9:46 PM
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I wish they'd throw in Timm and Dini to the DCEU like they did filoni for star wars