GeekGround Thought I'd share a website

7/23/20 7:21 PM
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Here's the site.

Basically you can look up appearance order of your favorite Marvel characters. So if you need to know the 19th appearance of Green Goblin you can look it up. Or if you need the proper reading order to a big crossover like say Civil War the sites got you covered. I don't collect or own like I used to with comics so this site might be old news but I still love the characters and thought it was a neat site.
7/26/20 9:19 AM
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Going to have to check this out. 

7/28/20 8:54 AM
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Finally got a chance to check out the site. Really like it a lot. Good stuff!

7/28/20 8:12 PM
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Gonna check it out. Thanks!

Edited: 8/17/20 2:27 AM
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Hell yeah thanks!