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8/9/18 4:37 PM
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Since the first Blade movie in 1998, it’s not unheard of for R-rated films based on some of Marvel’s darker properties to wind up on the big screen. The success of the Deadpool films and last year’s final Wolverine solo movie, Logan, has made the prospect of the R-rated superhero movie all the more appealing. But it appears Sony’s upcoming Venom film will not be one of those films, as the movie will most likely have a PG-13 rating.
The film, which stars the titular antihero and longtime Spider-Man antagonist, Venom, played by Tom Hardy, is set to start off Sony’s own shared movie universe based on Spider-Man characters. With the trailers for the upcoming film putting a focus on the horror aspects of the character, many assumed it would follow in the footsteps of Deadpool by sporting an R rating.
However, according to Variety, executives at Sony feel that if the movie is too dark it might hinder any crossover potential with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily, Hardy and the movie’s director, Reuben Fleischer (Zombieland), are trying to add some levity in the film so it doesn’t come across as overly grim.
The PG-13 rating also makes some sense given how popular Venom is with children. If Venom ends up getting a PG-13 rating, parents won’t have to worry about taking their kids to see it. Confirmation on the film’s rating has not yet been made, but, with Sony’s push for possible crossovers, it seems like the film will avoid an R rating.
Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed hits theaters on Oct. 5.
8/9/18 4:54 PM
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paw comments:  What bothers me is that this decision appears to be made by executives who in all likelihood don't know the difference between Venom and a hole in the ground.

8/9/18 6:18 PM
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Dissapointed in hearing this. From the trailers it looked like it was going to be very dark. Still be watching it though 

8/10/18 11:57 AM
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I just have a bad feeling about the entire project.
8/10/18 1:02 PM
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I don't see a problem with Venom being PG13. People will still be eaten. People will still be killed. Venom will still be venom but he won't swear every other word. But the raunchy comedy aspect, innuendo, will be lower. No big deal.
8/10/18 5:49 PM
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Hollywood sucks