GeekGround WTF happened to Batman sales?

11/12/19 5:29 PM
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I saw Comichron released October's sales.  Batman 80 sold 61999.  Batman 81 59507.  September sales Batman 78  80979, issue 79 61095.  Batman used to sell over 90 000 issues.

Edited: 11/12/19 8:54 PM
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Sounds like D.C. needs more stories about Batman being blasted into space to fight gods with giant robots, Batman traveling through time, Batman fighting evil versions of himself from other dimensions who will destroy our reality, Batman at war in elaborate guerilla chess matches against dark overlords (and his dead father from another dimension) while supporting characters die around him and the fate of Gotham (the world?) is at stake. Several more shocking deaths and events that change everything is exactly what will fix this.


They certainly don't need to tell good stories about a detective and martial artist who uses his wealth to fight crime and protect people from the trauma he went through as a child.

11/13/19 9:37 AM
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Well, that explains why Tom King's run was cut by 20 issues.

11/13/19 9:43 AM
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I like how DC's solution is to sell a new Batman comic book at 7.99.  Halfwits.

25 days ago
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Who didn't see that coming. Baiting fins the inception of the book that Bruce and Selina were getting married, fleeced the fans for over a year with tie-ins and variant covers, only to turn around and pull a bait and switch and now King claims the wedding would be issue 100 [chances are he would pushed it to 150 if the series wasn't cancelled]

King and DC deserve to eat shit for this.