GeekGround Watchmen (HBO) Possible Spoilers

10/21/19 10:12 AM
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Watched the first episode, there was some interesting world building. But it is damon lindelof so I am thinking most of it will just be fluff that never goes anywhere.

They really up the racial angle from the comic, not sure how I feel about that. I suppose it will depend on how it plays out. I didn't really like any of the characters after 1 episode, there is noone who's story I really want to see. But it held my interest and I am curious to see a couple more.

In short, was well made, acting was good, nothing really grabbed me but I want to see more.
11/1/19 12:37 AM
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I also want to see more.

Its dark enough, violent enough and fucked up enough that they have my attention.
11/3/19 8:26 AM
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On a podcast I was listening to, they talked about Lindelof saying the nuclear threat of the comics was a bit dated and said racial tensions would be more relateable for todays audience. I'm not the biggest fan of that angle, but I'm 2 episodes in and I'm gonna stick with it. I love the Glass character, and also the main character has had some solid moments.

11/3/19 11:58 AM
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Well that shows how dumb lindelof really is. Nukes are still very much a threat. And why use the Watchmen name if you are going to not use the characters, story and background?
11/4/19 9:25 AM
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Ok, 3 episodes in and there are good things to report. we FINALLY have a fleshed out, 3D character, Silk Spectre has returned. Some more reveals are showing that other Watchmen characters are going to be involved as well. The story is still meandering, Silk tells a drawn out, pointless 'joke' that makes no sense at all. But at least she feels like some kind of actual person. It is doing just enough to keep me interested for another episode and not much more.
11/10/19 6:42 PM
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I think Don Johnson was behind the White Night

11/11/19 10:06 AM
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PatK - 

I think Don Johnson was behind the White Night

Yeah, I was leaning towards that even before they found that klan robe in his closet.