GeekGround What has Dan Didio accomplished?

10/21/19 10:52 AM
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Inspired by a comment by Mr. Karate.

What has Dan Didio accomplished? Seriously. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any successes that he's had. Can anyone name one?


For some reason, I need to make the following statement - I'm not saying Marvel is "better". Not by a long shot. Alex Alonso was fired by Marvel because he didn't perform. We're two years into CB Cebulski's tenure as EiC and for my money, the bit win Cebulski's had is Hickman's X-Men (which this x-fan is hoping is the start of the X-Men's return to worth reading). So, long story short, Cebulski might have a win with X-Men (the line), but it's too early to tell. 


10/21/19 11:01 AM
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He seems pretty strictly a DC comics guy and I don't follow those enough to know. But certainly he has not had anything that leaps out to me as something important. The fact he was an editor on a bunch of those Crisis books is, to me, a major black mark in his record. Those things are a damn mess.
11/3/19 9:16 AM
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Nothing to justify his continued existence. Under his watch sales have decreased due to his love affair with everything being dark and gritty and absolutely no one can be happy. Then he started pulling a Marvel and started putting politics in the books. Sales started rebounding with Rebirth, but that was Geoff Johns doing, because as soon as Johns left he brought back the misery porn and the politics. So ofcourse sales started tanking again.

AT&T/WB will only keep this around for so long if they're constantly losing money. The movies aren't making them MCU money so I'm surprised they haven't start chopping some people's heads off at DC comics yet.