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6/13/19 4:08 PM
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When DC announced Tom King would be exiting the publisher's Batman title for a new 12-issue Batman/Catwoman miniseries, many fans wondered why the writer would be moving his 100-issue planned story away from the highly successful solo title.
Now, King has revealed the reasons behind the change, with his work on the upcoming New Gods movie with Ava DuVernay and a secret television project the main culprits.
"I'm working on a DCU movie now (New Gods with Ava DuVernay) and a secret TV show thing that hasn't been announced," King told Entertainment Weekly. "DC was kind enough to see that doing all that and a twice-monthly Batman would be tough. So they divided the Batman book into two monthly books, Batman and Batman/Catwoman. Bat/Cat will complete this epic story we've been telling and lead to this game-changing moment I've been hinting at. Batman will...well, I can't tell you, but it's very cool. But, because of the beats that will be handled in Batman, I have more room for my storylines in Bat/Cat, which means that the twelve issues can cover all of the story that was part of the original plan."
While King didn't divulge what the TV project is, there will be speculation that it may be a DC-related series. DC currently has programs on The CW, Syfy and the DC Universe streaming service, which could be likely landing spots if this were to be a new DCTV series. Or, King could be joining the writing staff of a currently ongoing show.
DC announced King and Clay Mann's Batman/Catwoman in May, with its debut scheduled for January 2020.
"City of Bane" begins in Batman #75 by Tom King and Tony S. Daniel, on sale July 17.
6/14/19 2:48 PM
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Wait a New Gods movie? Interesting choice for director there. I know she had success with Selma but her last outing was a disaster.

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