GeekGround Wonder Woman: Hiketeia (2003) was garbage.

4/7/20 10:17 AM
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Fight me. (I think that's the expression the hip kids use these days)


Basic plot:

Young girl murders the people that murdered her sister. Naturally, this takes place in Gotham so Batman starts chasing her. Because comics, the young girl runs into Wonder Woman's home, performs a ritual (the Hiketeia) which WW accepts without any questions. This places WW as the young girls protector forever.

Batman naturally objects to this, and loses very badly in a fight against WW. A defeated Batman performs the Hiketeia so that he will also be under WW's protection and by his reasoning, free to capture the young girl. WW refuses the ritual and denies Batman.

While all this is happening the young girl is literally driven mad by the Furies and kills herself.


The way I see it:

1. WW is an idiot. She accepts the Hiketeia - no questions asked - from someone she doesn't know. That's beyond stupid. Congrats WW, you just agreed to protect a murderor, you stupid clown.

2. It's clearly shown that WW doesn't have to accept the Hiketeia - as she rejects Batman. So, the idea that WW HAD to accept to protect the young girl? Nope. Once again reinforcing WW is an idiot.

3. Ultimately, WW fails to protect the girl as the girl is drvien to suicide with WW standing a few feet away acting holier than thou to Batman. So fail.


So WW fails, objectively and objectively acts like an idiot. Why WW fans think this is one of the best WW stories is beyond me. They must like stories about dumb people who fail. On the plus side, there's nothing that any character does in this entire story that is remotely heroic, moral or even smart. This is story of stupid people doing very stupid things and winning (ha!) stupid prizes. Well done everyone, you all suck.

4/7/20 11:49 AM
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It does make WW look a bit naive to say the least.