Train Judo Ground 2018 World Judo Championships day 1 highlights

9/20/18 7:52 PM
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Look for Bilodud (48k) gold and Takato(60k) in the highlights especially.

9/24/18 3:52 PM
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These people are unreal.

9/24/18 6:34 PM
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Bilodid is just "manhaddling" her opponets.  Her lankyness is huge advantage to complement her skills.  Takato is the class of the field. 

9/25/18 10:34 AM
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What's interesting is a lot of these throws are a result of a failed set up.

9/25/18 10:12 PM
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Some of the contests are the lesser skilled opponents especially in the early rounds.  Maybe that is what you are seeing.