Train Judo Ground 2019 Dusseldorf Grand Slam Highlights

2/22/19 9:40 PM
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Day 1 : women 48k/52k/57k.  Men 60k/66k


The action is fierce.  The new rules reducing match time from 5 to 4 minutes.  Shito's from 4 to 3 for a DQ.   Shito's not counting in the scoring you unless you get the max. of 3.  Much more time on the ground is significant. More close quarters combat.   Japanese men rule. Woman close second. 

2/23/19 9:49 PM
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Day 2 highlights.  Very unusual turnover at the 5:50 mark.   I don't understand why the opponent tapped. Wasn't a choke to me.  I see a pin. breakdown- left hand grabs collar behind the head, right hand grabs left lapel under armpit, left leg goes over the head, sits down and rolls to the right, maintains original grip.  I don't see a choke.  Anyone?


Best throw 6:30 mark by the Russian.

2/24/19 7:32 PM
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2/24/19 7:32 PM
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Edited: 2/25/19 9:27 PM
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Thanks Aaron, appreciate it.  Japanese 18 yr old phenom Murao placed 2nd in 90k.  Still in H.S.  100K Iida (20 yrs old) won 100K. Future is bright for Japan in higher weight categories.

Day 3 Highlights-


Noticed competitors from India, that is a first.

2/25/19 11:08 PM
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2/26/19 8:15 AM
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Thanks rmenergy for posting the video, appreciate it.  The Japanese are still truely the judo capital of the world.  Not the most physically strong but the best judo techniques throwing or on the ground.  The better ground skills overall I am seeing is making judo a more competitive sport.