Train Judo Ground 2019 European Games Minsk Highlights

6/25/19 9:25 PM
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Day 1 - 

Day 2 -

Day 3 - 


The fans going nuts supporting their country.  Tommy Macais 81k (day 2) was unreal.  This is Europe's equivilant to the Olympics for European countries only. Different kind of judo without the Asians.  Rarely see seionage throw attempts.  Not as many counters.  Some by the Georgians. 

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Yeah, Macias was awesome. One of my favorite judokas. He has such a good kosoto that he can turn into a sideways or forward throw if his opponent defends. Ukraine's Zantaraia was in top form and further cemented his place in judo history. An Olympic medal is the only thing that has alluded him. My new favorite female fighter is Nora Gjakova from Kosovo. She is awesome. Lost in the 57kg finals, but a tough match for anyone. The French women once again showed their dominance although they didn't do as well as they could have since Gahie didn't medal and Buchard and Malonga had to settle for Bronze. Clarisse though proved once again that she is one of the most dominant women in sports. 

6/26/19 6:48 AM
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6/26/19 8:10 AM
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Nora Gjakova ( #2 WW -57k) had a much tuffer draw than Daria(#17 WW -57k RUS).  She had to beat Gneto (FRA) in the opening round.and also Monteiro(POR.)  The Russian took it to her. -57k is loaded with talent when you add the Asians.


Your girl #1 WW -63k Clairsse Agbegnenou is the one of the top dominant female judokas.   


Watch world #1/world champion 2018 Guram Tushishvili (GEO 100+k) almost get taken out by the Russian in the Finals.  He is so quick, strong(wrestling background) , uses drop seionage. Will Teddy Riner (FRA) come out of retirement to face him in the 2020 Olympics?  That will be the match of the day if it happens.


Thanks for posting the video's Aaron. You are such a valuable contributor to the judo forum. 



6/27/19 12:19 PM
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Good stuff. Thanks Aaron.

6/28/19 5:57 PM
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The mixed team event was won by Russia.  Russia vs. Portugal in Finals.  You would think Russia vs. France. France lost 4-3 to Portugal earlier.

6/28/19 9:20 PM
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Russia had the luck of the draw on their side. They had to get through Turkey, Serbia, and Belarus to make it to the finals while Portugal had to face Spain, France, and the Netherlands. The French women are the best in my opinion, but the men (although awesome as well) are not as dominant which generally lessens their chances of getting the gold.   

6/28/19 11:43 PM
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The draw is the very big in team competitions.  The French women have it over the men on the world stage.  But the French are a force.   We all know the Japanese usually win the any team title at the world championships having such great balance between men and womens judo. Other European Countries are improving their judo to challenge the French. Especially on the men's side.  As a whole this is good for judo.

6/30/19 11:37 AM
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Wow. The Georgian almost got ippon'd. He must have amazing reflexes.  

6/30/19 10:56 PM
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Yes he almost lost it.  Never see a big man which such great reflexes.   The Russian does good until he gives him  of the over the back grip. The Georgian has tremendous wrestling background from his coach's words.