Train Judo Ground 2019 Paris Grand Slam Highlights

2/11/19 9:24 AM
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Day 1 - some interesting ground techniques at 2:40,3:14,7:19.7:36.  The new rules of judo have created more ippons.  Throw or be thrown is the way of judo today.


Day 2 ippons- Best throw/pickup 8:16 mark.  Once again 81k is the baddest man on the planet weight category.

2/11/19 11:55 AM
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God that throw at the 2:20 mark. Man of man with an over the back grip...

2/11/19 8:41 PM
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I think you talking about day 2 at 2:20 mark.  She uses the collar grip to bring the opponent in then goes over the back with the other grip and throws with Harai. Opponent had no chance.

2/12/19 12:51 PM
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That was amazing.

Edited: 2/13/19 6:49 AM
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Abe being defeated in his first match by the Italian was definitely the upset of the tournament, maybe year.  



2/13/19 9:20 AM
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Thanks Aaron,  Not anymore.  The Italian Lomardo(20)  is a former Junior World Champion.  He  just won the Tel Aviv Grand Prix in January with the same throw.  A drop kata-garuma style throw.   He used it in his first match of the day.  And he used it to win in the Tel Aviv 66k Finals.  He frustrated Abe with his over the back grip.  He uses this on shorter opponents.    Lombardo will be top ten (66k) easily in the future.  

 Abe match.  He was frustrating Abe with the over the back grip. Abe was to lax.  He wasn't taking this guy seriously for a first round fight, second round for Lombardo.


Lombardo looses in the Quarter Finals to Vieru.  The score(???) at the 4:33 mark he got countered for a wazari.

 Vieru goes on to win Gold.


This is why I say there is not a more competitive grappling sport than judo.  The cadet/junior programs are developing the future stars in IJF Senior judo.  And from countries all over the world.  It truely is a world sport.