Train Judo Ground 2019 Zagreb Grand PrixHighlights

8/6/19 8:53 AM
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More competitive than Montreal event.  This was world class judo.  Star to me was Nagase(-81k) Japan- Gold.  Very first throw in the video is his Gold Medal win.  Watch the step up.  He starts with double sleeve fake to his left to rotate his opponent, releases the right hand grip and grabs the back to complete the Harai Goshi throw.  A lot of over the back/bear hug type gripping by the Georgians to win in the 100k/100+k finals. 



8/8/19 6:29 PM
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8/10/19 9:36 PM
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Thanks Aaron, appreciate it.

8/13/19 4:33 PM
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That Taio at the 4:55 mark was wild.

8/14/19 8:01 AM
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When someone drops like that you don't know what hits you.

8/19/19 12:53 PM
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Yeah you just unravel.