Train Judo Ground Antayla Gran Prix highlights past weekend

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Day 1 -  Amazing speed and transition techniques. WOW I was really impressed with the action.  Nice pickup counter at 51 sec.   Pin seq. @1:58 traps the arm then switches to sankaku head arm trap. 2:39 classic arm trap and reverse somersault roll for the pin, 7:12 weak kouchi gari and pickup counter. 8:30 transition for tate shiho gatame pin to arm bar.   Gold -66k Vieru(MDA) is from Moldova (former USSR).

Day 2-  Pin sequence at 5:28 where he ties to roll the opponent to his left and then switches to the right by going over the back.  Key to making this work is  left hand has the opposite lapel from underneath the armpit to torque the opponent over.  I think the right hand is around the head grabbing the opposite lapel, not sure.  An(-73k) owned the division.

Day 3-  Wagner(-78k)Gold  just manhandled her opponents.  Amazing counter at 3:08.  BLue tries uchimata, white is taller and steps over for a counter throw.  What is this counter throw called? Anyone? Pin sequence 3;28 tries to roll him to the right side with sankaku attempt, then switches to the left rear.  Key to make this work is grabs the back of the collar with his left hand and blocks with his right leg, finishes with a armbar. 5:20 look like a Peruvian necktie choke. Can't tell what the hands are grabbing for sure but I am sure it is a cross collar. Monster uchimata 6:30 by TCHRIKISHVILI (GEO)(-90k). He is the guy who Travis choked in the semi's 2016 Olympics -81k. 

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I thought maybe Ni-Dan Kosoto?  or maybe trying to sneak and arm bar in there, it kind of just happened.

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I watched it many times and can't figure it out .  I will look for the whole individual match on IJF website and send it to my former Sensei who is an IJF "A" level ref and ask him. He refereed at a World Championship and 2004 Olympics in Greece. 8th level Dan.  Nidan kosoto-gari would be taking the opponent backwards and reaping both legs.  This was a forward counter.  I sent the clip to my Sensei and asked him.

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Good to see Tchrikishvili back after a year or two layoff. Looks like hes moved up a weight class. 





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Thanks Aaron, appreciate all you do on this forum.    Tchrikishvili manhandled opponents in -81k.  He didn't have the best technique but the most physical. Defied you to try and throw him.  

My former Sensei said the throw is like uchimata-sukashi.

Day 3 @ 3:08 counter throw is like uchimata-sukashi is the response I received. Notice fighter had opposite stances, lefty vs righty.  The Russian looked inexperienced.   Russians usually attack with a foot technique to set you up before the big one.   What confused me was is the step-over.  I have seen it before done with the hand rotation but in this instance he just stepped over because of the height difference.  Complete match link:


Demo of uchimata-sukashi:


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Yes. 3:08 counter is a variation of uchimata-sakashi. At 3:38 it looks like he tries to turn him over by falling to the front, then tries a turnover from the back while quickly securing a cross collar grip with the other hand. In fact it looks like the choke is what gets him at the end instead of the armbar, unless he taps in anticipation of his arm being straightened. 5:20 is definitely Peruvian necktie.