Train Judo Ground Best ippons from Day 1 of Tbilisi Grand Prix

3/30/19 10:57 AM
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Ukraine's World Champion Daria Bilodid loses in the final to break her run of over 30 consecutive victories.  


3/30/19 9:23 PM
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Not necessarily the cream of the top.  But a lot of fighting spirit and good techniques.  Bilodid and her reverse sankaku leg strangle is back.  The choke at the 6:25 mark from sankaku leg strangle by pulling up on the opponents left arm making the legs sink in tighter, right hand gets more leverage by grabbing the belt and pulling in towards him.  Mongolians and their front "bear huge" throw is a thing of beauty.

4/3/19 6:53 AM
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4/3/19 11:10 PM
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Very dissapointed in Delpopolo(-73k) loss at the 4:49 min. mark to the Russian Babgoev in the second round.  WIth his experience he should of been able to defend.  The Russians are known for their armbars though.   Frank Dewit in -81k went 5-0 with 5 ippons and no points scored against him.  Clearly the #2 in the world -81k outclassed this competition.  Like I mentioned earlier it was more like a tier 2 level overall competition with some stars.  


Thanks Aaron for posting the video.