Train Judo Ground Highlights from Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 10/26-10/28

11/1/18 9:43 AM
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Day 2

Day 3

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11/1/18 11:52 AM
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There was some great instagram videos.  There is one of Amiran Papinashvili  launcing by a Georgian Jorre Verstraeten from Belgium.

11/3/18 10:45 AM
Posts: 3943     5:43 mark is the big slam.


Verstraeten was leading by wazari (3:52 mark).  Papinashvili is so strong physically.  It almost imposible to beat a Georgian on the grouned.   

11/3/18 11:52 AM
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Your Day 3 link wasn't supported by this site.

11/4/18 8:45 AM
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11/5/18 12:19 PM
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The throw at the 5:44 mark is what I meant....incredible and the blue player was more agressive.

11/6/18 8:13 AM
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There are more counter throws/pickups being launched these days.  Especially from the Eastern European, Russian, Georgian judokas.   When Verstraeten  stayed lower he was was getting the better of Papinashvili. Have no idea what he was doing when he basically placed himself on Papinashvili's hipv the way he did.   And the Georgians seem much stronger and bigger that there opponents. 

11/8/18 10:11 AM
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Georgians are very well known as beasts from most clubs I visit.

11/9/18 10:12 PM
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One of the few countries where their athletes can fight up in weight and do well.  Not sure how some of them made weight.  Tchrikishvili at 81k who manhandle his opponents regularly and Liparteliani at 90k.  Liparteliani moved up to 100k and won Silver at 2018 World Championships.  Tchriskishivi refuded to travel because there is problems within Georgian judo.  There was a shooting involving a National team judoka and the coach.

11/11/18 12:14 PM
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One person is in hospital after the former president of the Georgian Judo Federation, Lomer Zhorzholiani, opened fire on a number of judo practitioners — judokas — who were demanding the resignation of Federation President Davit Kevkhishvili, according to Radio Tavisupleba.

The incident occurred on Tbilisi’s central Aghmashenebeli Avenue; reports said judoka Soso Tselauri was wounded in the femur. Four people were arrested, among them the alleged shooter, Zhorzholiani, who currently coaches Georgia’s youth judo team. Unconfirmed reports put Federation President Davit Kevkhishvili at the scene but said he left immediately after the incident.

Reports on the incident were widely circulated among Georgian social media users and sports fan on Thursday. ‘While thousands are out in the streets with the slogan #dontkillme (#?????????), a coach tries to kill sportsmen’, one Georgian judo fan page complained, demanding the government investigate and punish the perpetrator harshly.

[Read more on OC Media: Georgia’s chief prosecutor resigns amidst mass protests]

In a 1 June press release, the Interior Ministry confirmed the news, but mentioned only the initials of the accused, as is standard practice, which corresponds to Zhorzholiani’s name.

According to the ministry, officers tried to break up a fight between several men, after which a gun was fired. ‘L. J.’ was detained for ‘illegal possession and carrying of firearms’.

Two individuals were treated by doctors, and later one man was reported to have been admitted to a nearby clinic with a gunshot wound. Police later opened an investigation for ‘premeditated assault causing bodily harm’.

Zurab Zviadauri, an Olympic gold judo medalist and current MP from the ruling Georgian Dream party, also confirmed the reports. Speaking to, Zviadauri called the incident ‘an armed assault in the presence of a [police] patrol’.

After the incident, the youth team joined the national judo team in a protest.

The conflict between a number of Georgian judokas and the Judo Federation began following the European Judo Championship on 26–29 April in Tel Aviv, where the Georgian team failed to win a single medal for the first time in Georgina judo history.

Since this, judokas have begun voicing grievances about financial transparency in the federation, demanding since 4 May that Kevkhishvili resign. The president sacked the entire coaching team in response but has so far refused to do step down himself. Until Kevkhishvili leaves the post,  judokas say they will not take part in training or participate in international tournaments. Judokas have held several rallies against Kevkhishvili, the last one on 27 May.

11/11/18 9:52 PM
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Anyone with any insight how this can happen?   All the training and sacrifices  and what is your benefit down the road.  Other than Russia who offers their athletes huge sums of money for Olympic gold medals what is the incentive for others?