Train Judo Ground Information on Otsubo (sp)?

9/11/18 9:54 PM
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I recently interviewed a Japanese pro wrestling legend who felt that MMA was not only influenced by Karl Gotch and the Inoki vs Ali fight, but also someone named Otsubo (sp)?. A judoka I believe.

Trying to find more info on this person- anyone know who this is?
9/13/18 7:16 PM
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I think the spelling is correct I have just never heard of him but it probably was before my time in judo(1993-2014).  If you goggle the name it does come up in Japanese judo circles.  

9/19/18 8:17 PM
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Found him. He'll be brought up in my interview with Yoshiaki Fujiwara.
9/20/18 9:24 AM
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Oh wow. Where did you find him.

9/20/18 5:10 PM
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I had help across the pond finding him. Here he is: