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7/9/19 1:30 PM
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What do you guys know about the Ippon gear. Is it a cheap line?  I don't know any guys with this particulair brand?



7/9/19 3:58 PM
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I am not familiar with this gi.  My last gi's were Mizuno Shia comp gi.  I ordered all my gis from Hatashita Sports.  Call Lia and she is very good at answering your quesrions.  She let me order different pant/top sizes since I  am 5'10" and around 158 lbs(73k) and need the longer pant. 

7/10/19 3:53 PM
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Yeah I know her. She is downstate from me.  I am a Mizuno Shia Comp GI. I am a size 4.5 and then got the pants shortened. Everyone asks me about them. See our instructor has a deal with Fuji's which I guess are ok but have always stuck with Mizuno.

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I have 2 buddies who have their own dojo's and think they sell  Fuji/Kwon Gi(s) to their students.  I will ask them and let you know.

7/11/19 4:47 PM
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Kwon's high end gi is Danhro from Germany is what one of buddies says is the most liked. He orders Kwon and Fuji for his students. 

7/12/19 7:48 AM
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Other sensei friend says Danhro and Mizuno.  

7/12/19 8:35 AM
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I didn't think Kwon was still making them? I don't see that many of them around at tournaments.  It could be regional here in the North East?

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2 Dojo's are in Michigan.  3 diffferent price points.


7/12/19 8:20 PM
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I might try one for the heck of it. Everytime I try other GI's I comeback to Mizuno

7/13/19 9:03 AM
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One said Mizuno the other said Danrho as their favorite gi.