Train Judo Ground Japan's new judo superstar. Kageura Kokoro.

12/26/19 8:45 PM
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Watch his nidan kosoto gari at 2:13 AND 3:30.

12/30/19 3:13 PM
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Man that's crazy.  That's a tough technique and he does it effortlessly. His grip strength must be off the charts. Those guys look like their all 100K?

12/31/19 9:29 AM
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He fights 100k+ which is over 220 lbs.  He tosses those bigger guys like "rag dolls".  If you ever have got thrown with drop seionage in a contest ( and I have).  You hit the ground and wonder what happened. You don't even see it coming because the opponent drops below you. 

1/8/20 10:28 AM
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Yeah that happened to me at AM-CAN as a brown belt in 2015 as there was never enough guys in the over 40 masters.  Now I am 52. There is a black belt out of Kintora Judo in Buffalo that does it well.  I like the technique with both knees down but the guys at my school do it one knee down so you can turn into the opponet when the land so they can't get out of it.

1/8/20 11:15 PM
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There is video on Youtube him fighting Riner in 2019 Brazil.  He holds his own and loses in golden score. 

1/8/20 11:20 PM
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When it happened to me it was my first fight that day and 10 seconds later I was ipponed.  The guy did it to others  and took 1st place. He took a right hand collar grip (to my left lapel) and threw to his right side. I fought lefty(left foot forward)  I never fought guys who did drop seionage.  So I never felt threatened by his grip on my collar attacking to my left side. Oh well. 

1/10/20 12:40 PM
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Same side grip?

1/11/20 3:07 PM
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1/12/20 7:54 AM
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 I am fighting with my left foot forward. He is fighting with his right foot forward.Yes same side grip. He grabs with his right hand my left collar since it is closest to him. Steps in(I assume)turns and drops under me to his right side(my left side) and throw for drop seionage.  I guess his left arm came under like seionage and trapped my left arm.   I hit the mat not knowing what happened.  I didn't feel threatened by his collar grip. I don't think it was morote seionage since he beat all the other guys with it.  I learned afterwards he was a higher level player before Masters.  Can't remember his name but he was from Northern MIchigan area near Marquette.

1/12/20 7:55 AM
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Thanks Aaron.