Train Judo Ground Judo in the time of COVID-19

4/18/20 8:47 AM
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Here are some interesting interviews with judoka from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Travis Stevens - USA 

Nora Gjakova - Kosovo 

Gefen Primo - Israel 

Amandine Buchard - France 

Rok Draksic - Slovenia





4/18/20 11:42 AM
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The training is so intense in all the articles.  2/day and some do individual training in-between.  These players are "all in" in their committment to judo.  Travis says Judo is more physical than BJJ/MMA but compares it to Wrestling.  If any of could be a world judoka would we really do it?

4/19/20 7:01 AM
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Kathy Hubble - Canada 

Georgii Zantaraia - Ukraine 

Mihael Zigank - Turkey 

Pleuni Cornelisse - The Netherlands




4/20/20 8:06 AM
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What is amazing is how all the athletes change their lives in someway for judo.  Zantaraia not doing well at the Olympics is a stunner for me.  I would have to look at his matches to see what happened.

4/21/20 7:32 AM
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An Changrim - South Korea 

Luise Malzahn - Germany 

Zebeda Rekhviashvili - Georgia

4/22/20 2:41 PM
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It's interesting as I am getting emails from the USJA.  It's tough thing all around for Judo.

4/25/20 7:42 AM
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Theresa Stoll - Germany 

Martti Puumalainen - Finland 

Distria Krasniq - Kosovo 

Neil Adams - Great Britain

4/26/20 6:30 AM
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Stoll and Krasniq are top level judoka.  The whole judo world is locked down. Neil Adams was a physical "freak" in addition to great judo skills.

10 days ago
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on a much lower level, my kids haven't had in 'forever' it seems! First few back are going to be rough I'm thinking...