Train Judo Ground Judo instructionals free online

9/28/18 8:47 AM
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I see Kashiwazaki & Muzuguchi have free instructional videos on YouTube 


Anybody else has any great free instructionals online?

10/1/18 11:00 PM
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There are tons of judo instructionals on line, especially Youtube.  They are great if you have a lot of experience in judo to pick up the fine points.  The best way to get the fine points is personal instruction so you can practice and experience both uke and tori.  Seminars by advanced judokas is the best from all the seminars I have experienced. 

10/3/18 11:43 AM
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Yeah picking up martial arts from Youtube is wierd unless you know what you are looking at.

10/3/18 5:06 PM
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For example my sensei attended a clinic by Yamashita way back when and one of the fine points he made in the video was when he does his osoto gari he grabs the mat with his toes (like a claw) on his planted foot after he steps in with his planted leg.  Many of these champions have these little nuances that work for them.   Ground techniques are easier to pick up from videos if you can see the whole angle. I have had learned excellent ground techniques from Pedro, Eldred, In-Chul Cho at their seminars.