Train Judo Ground Kayla Harrison MMA debut

7/1/18 7:13 AM
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 I see more complete fighter than Ronda.   Kayla has the temperment/patience for MMA just like she had for judo.   In the clinch she is unbeatable.  And she didn't force her takedown- ouchi gari.

7/2/18 10:02 AM
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People are comparing her to Rhonda already. I met her last year and she is so much better of an athlete. Even in Judo. Rhonda is a bit of a bully, my instructor knows her well.   Most of the Judo world is pulling for Kayla, I am glad as she is a nice person. Her striking isn't that bad.

7/2/18 6:08 PM
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I watched her during her accent to the top of the judo world from about age 14.  She quietly went about destoying everyone in her path.  Met her and talked to her personally at one of our Nationals.  One of the nicest individuals you will ever met.  But on the tatami she is all businesss.   Her temperment is a complete contrast to Ronda.   And her skill level is much higher.  It will be  hard for the BJJ community to hate on her like they did Ronda.  They couldn't stand it when Ronda won and was estastic when she lost.   They know Kayla is the real deal. Who are the top women in the UFC?  Not sure there is a weight class is there? She fought in 78k judo max 172 lb.  

7/3/18 12:07 PM
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She shouldn't go down in in weight.  The body fat for an opympian is different because of taking the throws, 8% is the limit. In MMA it's lower so navigating that might be hard.  The MMA guys don't know what to do with Judo people I don't think sometimes other than striking.

7/4/18 5:22 PM
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Best strategy against a judo person is striking.  Once they get the clinch and go to the ground the top fighters  have very little chance.  They have not lived in the "judo world" to know what they are getting into.  It will be unimmaginable for them.   Judo players are not strikers and can't take punches or hands to the face area.  

7/11/18 10:46 AM
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Yeah I agree that seems to always be the problem but Kayla didn't look bad. It's hard switching to another martial art. I did 22 years of TKD and taught for years. Getting into Judo was so different. Apples and Oranges.

7/11/18 7:44 PM
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Kayla has all the tools to be successful in MMA.  She is physical, skilled and very intelligent fighter.  A "head above" Ronda in all categories.  

7/22/18 11:32 AM
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Shes much better than Rhonda...two olympic golds when the us had none for years.  High hopes for her as an mma athlete.

7/24/18 3:38 PM
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Me also despite all the hate for her out there.