10/13/19 10:16 PM
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Just wondering if anyone has been watching Kayla fight MMA in the PFL?  I have watched both of her fights and she is just too skilled, too strong.  There is no way any of those fighters can hang with her on the ground.  Her Finals match will be against a big strong opponent who can punch.  I guess Kayla beat her by decision before.  The opponent is Pacheco who beat the number one seed.  Kayla will have to beat her with her judo. 

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Yes as she will go back to what she knows which is fine. Rhonda couldn't hang because striking isn't in her wheelhouse. Habitually someone would always go to Judo because that's how their mind thinks.  If Kayla conitunues to improve that part of her game she will be fine.  Those fighters know about her arm bar expertise.  One day she did a whole seminar on just that.  It will be interesting to see where she goes.  Training is harder in a lot of ways than MMA training because the difference is the GI and having to work with it.

10/16/19 8:03 AM
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I didn't see the whole match but I did see the ground and pound at the end followed by the armbar. That is what makes Kayla so dangerous...the ground and pound. It will be very hard for her opponents to survive that. Best chance is for an opponent to pick her apart standing or maybe secure a leglock when it hits the ground.
10/16/19 8:04 PM
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When you look at her physicality(is there a word?).  Her ground game is unmatched.  Her ground strength unmatched.  It will take a punch or kick to take her out. 

10/18/19 9:21 AM
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Well striking in my background before Judo was and I think it's easier in a way but a lot of the MMA matches have evolved over to striking over the years.  Judo is so inbread in her, nothing wrong with that, but like I said she has to keep up with her punching. Kicks are a ton harder and most people have a hard developing them, it takes a ton of years.  Most coaches can't teach her about grappling I would think.

10/20/19 9:57 AM
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And who might you be?  Never have  seen any posts from you on this forum.   

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DarthBader -

Another overhyped girl who would get destroyed against Cyborg or Budd.

Um no sorry.

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Looks like the post was deleted.

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Of course. More ignorance.