Train Judo Ground Miryam Roper highlight

10/5/18 9:07 PM
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Miryam Roper is straight up awesome. 36 years young and still competing with the best in the world.  


10/7/18 9:29 AM
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Her kosoto gake is  very nice and so is her ouchi gari.  Her name never caught my attention to you posted the video.  thanks.

10/7/18 11:33 AM
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Yeah, she can catch almost anyone with her kosoto as evidenced in that highlight. Last year at the age of 34 she won Panama its first ever gold medal in an IJF tour event at the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam. Since this is a judo forum, I'd be interested in hearing people's opinion on what distinguishes a gari from a gake in her highlight. I think several of her throws, for example 1:19, are clearly gakes, whereas others, for example 0:45, have the reaping motion that could make them a gari. I could be wrong though. Experts please chime in.   

10/7/18 3:08 PM
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10/7/18 6:41 PM
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I would say at the 1:43/2:06/3:19/3:40 mark is gari. I noticed she is also very physical. Always attacking all out.  To me gake is more hooking the leg where gari is more "sweeping" the leg sideways. 

10/10/18 8:22 AM
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I agree.

11/17/18 8:09 PM
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Thanks for posting that OP. :)