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I'm beyond stoked to be going to the Montreal Grand Prix next month. Japan and France are both sending powerhouse teams...Riner, Buchard, Gahie, Ono, Hashimoto, the Abe siblings...basically 2 competitors for each weight class (14 men and 14 women). I have 2nd row seats and I hope to meet some of the athletes. I've never been to an IJF event before so I'm really looking forward to it. Anyone else ever been to an IJF event and what can I expect? 

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I went to 2 full days and a half day of London 2012 - the venue was about 10 miles from home.


I'm sure you'll have a great time. Once it starts the contests come thick and fast.

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Aaron let us know how it goes.

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Teddy Riner is making this his comeback event.  Will the Georgian be there?  

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judoblackbelt -

Teddy Riner is making this his comeback event.  Will the Georgian be there?  

I hope so. Unfortunately, I won't be there for the third day so I'm going to miss Riner compete. Stinks that a lot of teams pulled out in favor of going to Budapest the following week. For example, the French had 28 athletes signed up at one time and when I last checked it was down to Riner. Still stoked to see the Abe siblings, Ono, Hashimoto, and the Cubans.  

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I read the Georgian TUSHISHVILI GURAM world #1 100+k wants to fight Riner at the Olympics.  But sooner or later they meet before.  It will be the most anticipated showdown in a while.

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Day 1 Final Block- Gold/Silver and 2 Bronze medal matches for each weight category.

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Finals Day 2 begin 5 PM EST.  Mens -73k,-81k and womens -57k, -63k.  IJF website for live action.

7/7/19 7:28 AM
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Day 2 Final Block - medal fights.  Nagase (JPN) -81k mens was the man.  He can throw anyone.


Sunday Day 3   -78k, 78k womens.  -'90k,-100k, 100+k mens.  Watch live on IJF website.

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Just returned to the States after watching Days 1 & 2 of the Montreal Grand Prix. Clearly the best sporting event I have ever attended and I can't wait to go next year. The venue was very nice and well conditioned. As soon as the event started there was never more than a 15 second lag between matches. Whenever two competitors stepped off the mat two more immediately replaced them. During the preliminary rounds there were 3 matches going on at all times so there was a lot of action. The medal matches for each weight division (2 bronze and gold/silver) took place later in the day after about a 2-3 hour break which was nice. There were events going on outside during the break and an opportunity to socialize. The medal matches were on the center mat with the spotlight on them and no other matches going on. The atmosphere in the arena was awesome and very family friendly. There was no tension in the air or aggressive personalities in the stands. There was no arguing with the referees or between athletes. The sportsmanship was excellent. Even when athletes were uncomfortable with the referee's decision they bowed respectfully and left the mat quietly without protest. The use of slow motion replay meant the final decision was almost always the correct one. If one athlete was the hurt the other one showed genuine concern. Last but not least the athletes were very friendly and approachable. Every single athlete I asked to take a picture with did so immediately and with a smile on his or her face. Some of these athletes were even Olympic gold medalists or legends in their sport. In summary, it was a fantastic event and one that would have made Jigoro Kano very proud. I will try and post some of the many pictures I took. Some of the people in my photos are highly recognizable while others will only be known by the judo connoisseur.  
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Trying to figure out how to post photos. 

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Thanks Aaron for the summary/pictures of your experience.  Judo being such a difficult sport at the top tier the athletes are just trying to focus on their next match.  Ego gets you no where in judo.  Your skills do. And their is so much competition. The top stars like the Japanese are amazing to watch.  Didn't see a picture with Nagase who was the best thrower in 81K.  He can throw anyone and his stature is the smallest amongst the -81k players.  Very disappointed in Nick Delpopolo losing in first round by collar choke to the Canadian.  I doubt he will qualify for the Olympics.  He has hardly any wins.  Not sure why it takes him so long to attack.   I think it is age, wear and tear.  With the replay and new rules the best outcome is possible between the athletes.  The only subjectly part of the sport is the shito's.  Judo forever!


PS: I watched all the medal fights day 1/2/3.

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