Train Judo Ground Son getting a workout from Jimmy Pedro *Pic

7/31/18 12:03 PM
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7/31/18 12:04 PM
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He was excited to go a round with one of the best. Good training at judo camp in FL.

8/2/18 9:31 PM
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I had 2  seminars back around 1994/1998 when Pedro visited out dojo and when I got better in judo I was able to use some of the standup and matwork techniques  he taught.  

8/19/18 6:25 PM
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I remember doing a seminar with Pedro at the Evelios budokan in Hialeah ,around 98. 


I also rememer the US national team (maybe it was the jr team at the time ) being part of that also ,or it could have been on another day with a Jason Morris seminar.  


I think Rhonda rousey ,cowen jr , and others might have been part of this. 


Anyways ,great seminar by Pedro back then 

8/20/18 9:09 AM
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Yeah that is cool.

8/22/18 11:04 AM
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That's awesome. My two kids love doing clinics as well.