Train Judo Ground Teddy Riner dominance??

1/3/19 2:19 PM
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Has the IJF rule changes [no leg holds] made Teddy the dominant force he is and how did he do in classical judo??

1/3/19 4:33 PM
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Looks like judo's popularity is DOA in the USA....look at the crowd size here

1/8/19 10:48 PM
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Look at Jason Morris in the crowd.  Teddy has always been awesome.

1/10/19 5:26 PM
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Teddy is a phenomenon, no doubt...but how did he do in pre leg grab ban judo??

1/22/19 7:38 AM
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he was still a junior in 2008, the last year leg grabs we totally legal.
he still managed a bronze at the olympics.
2/10/19 12:53 PM
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so the vast majority of his competitive days have been in no leg holds Judo?

2/12/19 12:52 PM
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Not sure I don't know that much about him but judoblackbelt could chime in.

2/12/19 7:22 PM
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Teddy's main throws were osoto, uchimata and harai.  He also had a very good sumi gaeshi he used vs. opposite grips. He also used ouchi gari.

2/28/19 9:57 AM
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Looking like he's a weight class above most of his opponents doesn't do him any harm.

3/1/19 9:18 AM
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HIs height 6'8" and weight around 290 lbs. gave him a distinct advantage.  His behind the collar/neck grip made his opponents defenseless and he attacked immediately.  The last guy to defeat him was in the 2010 world judo championships.  Riner won the Heavyweight and now was competiting in the Open.  So he had to be tired somewhat.  The opponent focused on the sleeve hand grip from Riner since it was impossible to negate Riner's behind the neck grip. Watch the video below.  The opponent wins by "flags" back then when the score was tied at the end of regulation.  2 white flags vs.1 blue flag.  To me it was a toss up but someone had to win. Fun match to watch.

3/1/19 11:26 AM
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Yeah it looks like a toss up.  I don't think they other player had as much control as Teddy?