Train Judo Ground Top Ippons from Zagreb this weekend.

7/29/18 8:10 PM
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Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

7/30/18 3:32 PM
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7/30/18 4:03 PM
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Not all the big names/countries were there.  Many "B" players.    Most impressive was 73K #1 from Kosovo Akil Gjakova. The way he manhandled former #1 and now #5 Rustam Orujov AZE with his 2 hiza garuma wazari throws. - the semi final match.

7/31/18 7:46 AM
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On the womens side is 17 yr old Ukraine sensation Daria Bilodid 48k.  Her judo and height give her an advantage.  She has excellent standup and she uses her long longs against the shorter opponents to lock in sankaku or reverse sankaku for  a pin or armbar.  You can Youtube her for highlights.  There were enought top players to make  this event fun to watch.