Train Judo Ground WJC Day 4 highlights, w-63k, men 81k

9/23/18 7:20 PM
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81k is the most brutal weight category in mens judo.  The speed/strength is the most dynamic in judo.


French women's star Clarisse AGBEGNENOU (FRA)  and Iranian MOLLAEI, Saeid (IRI) were gold medal winners.  I was really impressed by Turkey's ALBAYRAK, Vedat who threw previous world champion WIECZERZAK, Alexander (GER) at  4:09 mark with huge uchimata.  He dominates the whole fight.

Edited: 9/24/18 3:41 PM
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Very tough division. Some of this showed up on instagram.  What a killer uchi-mata

9/24/18 6:31 PM
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He pulled Wieczerak head down with that behind the head grip to set him up.  Never thought you could do that to the German. 

9/25/18 10:33 AM
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Yeah pretty amazing.

9/26/18 9:03 AM
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If you watch his other matches the Turk is the real deal.    Gave WIECZERZAK fits in the match. Out gripped him and just dominated.