Train Judo Ground What is the name for these throws?

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Sorry for my bad vocabulary.  

I see it occasionally.  Lapel grips or body lock.  The attacker hooks a leg and pushes the uke over.  I've seen a couple variations 

- leg steps between uke's legs and reaps the back leg.  I think that's O Uchi Gari

- steps in the middle and reaps the front leg.  I think that's ko uchi gake 

- steps in the middle but the attacker reaps with their back leg by wrapping around from the outside in.  I've seen this but don't know what it would be called.  


5/15/19 9:27 AM
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Gari and Gake mean two different things and the throws kind of have a different action.  I think the first one is Kosoto-Gari which translates to Minor Outside Reaping Throw.  Ouchi Gari translates to Major Inner Reaping Throw


5/16/19 7:42 AM
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Ouchi-gari, not necessary the back leg if opposite stances. 

Kouchi-gari, not necessary the front leg if opposite stances.



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check out for names of throws etc.

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Thanks.  My 8 year old daughter does this all the time in BJJ.  She calls it her "hug trip."  Not something they teach in class yet, just something she came up with but I knew there must be a real name.  

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A lot of them come down to timing, I mean all Judo techniques do but these are specializied.