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9/6/13 4:25 PM
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have an opening for entry level attorney. Have resumes from applicant in top 1% from bottom tier school, top 18% in mid tier and (did okay) from high tier school. Which would you choose ?
9/7/13 8:26 AM
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I doubt that their intelligence, work ethic and personalities are all equal. Setting that issue aside, it comes down to school-based networking and other school-specific factors, such as the availability of discounted season tickets.
9/11/13 11:03 PM
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1%..good lawyering, like grades in law school, is more about effort than brains imo

9/12/13 3:43 PM
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I would place as much stock in an interview as a transcript, but that is me. Hiring someone means bringing a new person into an organization. Bringing in the "wrong" person can create a colossal amount of internal damage to an organization. i.e. a negative person, or a person who seems high maintenance, or needy, or gravitates to (or manufactures) drama, etc.
9/24/13 11:54 AM
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update: hired from top 50 law school, unknown grades, great interview, great accomplishments from experience as attorney
10/5/13 5:45 PM
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We started issuing a written assignment instead if asking for a writing sample. We also stress life accomplishments more than grades or schools now, because even the top tier students are unable to handle the work load, travel, and stress.

So, with that said, we would expect the most out of the 1%, but whoever has the better life experience and writing assignment would probably be hired.