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 lol, nice. 

My first semester we had a crazy contracts prof.  And he was literally crazy - at the time he had a brain tumor that he did not know about.  He died the following year about 3 months after finding out.

Anyway, we had one of those "fuck you" types that always wanted to talk, and when she wasn't talking she was gesturing whether she agreed or not when someone else was talking.  One night the prof snapped while he was listening to one student talk and she was shaking her head like she didn't agree, and he launched into her for a good five minutes dropping F-bombs and completely dressed her down.  She did not come back to class after the break and was never seen again.  I heard she transferred to another school.
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Oh yes. Can relate.
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"I just got turned away from a job that's unpaid"
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Crazy profs. A guy in class asked about the material he had reviewed the previous night and said there were some things he didn't understand... Before he could finish the question, the prof said "what's not to understand, it's just words".
6/25/11 1:12 PM
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"No more I love you," was last year's winner by Northwestern Law Revue. Simultaneously hilarious and depressing.
6/26/11 7:19 PM
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 Lol, that was good and an added bonus...I didn't even realize there was a legalground.
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that was made by real law students that's for damn sure
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"That guy" from my first year section is now one of my partners.

I am really not sure what to do about this.
3/22/13 2:43 AM
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invite him to jiu jitsu?